Harry McIntosh
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Harry has 35 years of experience as a software developer producing a wide variety of products in a wide variety of computing environments.

He is available as a contract developer to design, develop, and maintain software for you.

Sample Products

HelpDesk is a full-featured HelpDesk ticket tracking product.

It can process user trouble reports made by email, website, or voicemail. Members of the support team can use HelpDesk to engage with the user in an email conversation, which is stored for future reference. Support team members can also record the actions they take throughtout the ticket's life. Even after the ticket is closed, it remains available for future reference. The software can handle multiple teams, and each user can be given different levels of authority for tickets assigned to each team. Team members can receive email alerts when tickets are created or change their status.
Cue is a friendlier, more powerful version of Microsoft's "Active Directory Users And Computers".

Cue lets you edit users, computers, distribution lists, and security groups in a friendly, easy way. It's easier to locate the object you want to edit, and it's easier to edit the object once you get there. It lets you export data, track changes to objects, enforce company policy about objects, clone objects, and more.
Monitor a company's servers and network.

Mission Control consists of a series of individual monitors which watch for different things, such as a Windows service going down, a server's disk getting too full, or a network link going down.

If one of those things happens, the monitor sends a message to Mission Control's Hub which decides who (if anyone) to notify depending upon things like the severity of the problem, how long it has been since the problem was first reported, and who is responsible for the support of that particular item. A summary display also shows a series of "lights" which turn color depending upon the status of that part of the IT infrastructure.
Helps Manage NetApp Filers

Folderscape helps you manage NetApp filers by doing things like review storage capacity; create and manage aggregates, volumes, and q-trees; easily see changes recorded in each snapshot, and restore files and folders from snapshots; and much more.
Helps IT manage workstations

Each workstation can run the Gadget Agent. From a central control panel, you can direct all agents or a sub-set of agents to perform tasks, such as displaying a notification to the user, collecting information about files and folders, deleting or copying files, changing registry entries, and much more.
Allows you to search all your file servers

Lets you quickly and easily search for files across all your file servers based on file name, folder name, file type, file size, modification date. The search utility has two versions: a simple one for end users and an advanced one for IT and others.
Automatically delete old email

Email Terminator lets you define different classes of users. For each class, you can define how long their email should be kept. You can have different rules for different folders.
Helps users keep their email storage tidy

Lets users easily identify and--when appropriate--delete old email. It will identify the email which is taking the most storage space, let users view those messages, and delete them if warranted.


1990-Present  Forest Oil Corporation

2009-Present  Consortium for Older Adult Wellness


Recent Languages:  VB.Net, C#, C, C++, JavaScript

Recent Libraries/Environments:  AngularJS, JQuery, JQueryUI, Node.js, ASP.Net

Older Languages:  Various assembly languages, PL/I, COBOL, DIBOL, Tal, Various Basics, Java

Operating Systems:  Windows, Macintosh, ONTap, MVS, Level/6, System/36, RSTS


Waite Publishing:  Talk Java to Me

PAC Software:  Now You C It, Doing It In C++, Speaking of Java, Painless Windows Programming, Hello HTML, Starting with the Basics


B.A. Computer Science, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1978


Available on request